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Médaille d'Or for
'Web Site Excellence'
Medaille d'Or

Netgiver award for
'Art free useful information provider'
Netgiver award

Bull's eye award for
'Web Site That Really Hits The Creative Mark'
bullseye award

Golden Grail award for
'Excellent site'
Golden Grail award

Smiley award for web page excellence
Smiley award

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Thanks for taking a look at the Awards that we have received.

We are extremely honored to be recognized by each and every one of these fine organizations.

Our aim is to share this 'welcome to WAM' from the Internet community.

Well... although the Fiesta! is on, we would like to offer this special corner, where the music sounds lower, to hear from you. Send us your suggestions, advises, disclaiming, or anything that will help this review getting better.
You're welcome!.

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Thanks to the Spanish Beatles page for being out there, and provide such an important ingredient for this special Fiesta! awards page.

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