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Architecture = Art.
by José María Baquero

This is a manifesto. It summarises the basic concepts of my work principally devoted to the production of architecture.
It talks in a expressionist mode about what we perceive through intuition when a city whispers to us, when its streets and buildings engage in a dialogue with our memory.
Whenever I get caught inside an urban context, I obtain from what I see a profound ecstasy of heart. The contemplation of the scene overruns any possible analogical reflections, provoking within me a simultaneous mental syntony.
On the one hand there are voices which emerge from a launch of words, on the other hand there is a more defined tune composed of drawings that create boundaries.
The way I penetrate this state of immediacy is by incorporating my reading of the place into a process of experiences that are then expressed through Fine Art.
From within me, I hear those images that arise from sounds, those drawings which my poems describe, those paintings which break them up.
The places that my work describes have evoked in me impulses that generate poems and marks, sketches and objets which interpret the scene of my urban reading.
This process of contamination, all those experiences that pass through my interpretive filters, is what I call "Architecture = Art".


While living and working in the city of Berlin (F.D.R.) from 1985 to 1987, I began an exercise in Fine Arts using painting as part of my architectural design process.
Those enlargements of my sketches were points of reflection. They turned the buildings and spaces of my projects into elements with their own meaning.
In this way the sketches evolved into larger scale drawings and paintings. This evolution travelled within an expressionist system of images that moved away from constructed forms to more abstract ones.
Over the last few years, my work has embraced a self-invented world of objects and buildings, figures and words sharing a place together inside rooms, porched patios, streets and monuments. Pieces in movement around the urban context of the different cities in which I lived.
In this world there exists a continual dialogue between the elements, a new language of combinations is established. There is a visual dialogue between the size of the elements and their shadows, reality and illusion, the use of references and the contamination of my state of reasoning and passion.
I would like to convey in my work a visual and tactile experience which through its composition, form and texture, evokes elements of a nonexistent but well-known city.
Sketches and drawings allow the architect to extract latent images from the subconscious and formalise them into architecture.
My sketches, paintings and models intend to bring architecture back to the imagination so that these notions and their configured shapes are perceived as superimposed.
By taking architecture out of the urban grid, this process establishes a metaphor of order and chaos within the metropolis.

1985. Siena. ILAUD Scholarship UPC Barcelona
1986/1987. Berlin
1988. Barcelona
1989/1992. Seville
1993/1995. New York
1996. Rome. Spanish Academy of Fine Arts.
Scholarship Spanish Foreign Affairs
1996. Lives and works in Barcelona

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